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The Top 10 Bestsellers of 2018 at an exclusive price! 


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Promotion Period: 9th November - 16 November 2018

Antioxidants are a group of compounds that helps to protect the body from the formation and elimination of free-radicals. Free-radicals are formed from exposure to sunlight and pollution and also as a byproduct of cell metabolism. Alcohol, cigarette smoke, stress and even diet also affect the level of free-radical development in the body. Excellent antioxidants include Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, zinc, selenium, ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, and green tea extract.
Toxins are in food and the environment, and persist because of our insufficient metabolic ability to rid the body of all that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Supports the natural cleansing processes of the liver and other cleansing organs of the body by eating the proper amounts of dietary fiber each day. This promotes the natural cleansing of your digestive tract and ensures that your digestive tract can maximize its absorption of nutrients available from foods you eat and supplements you take.
Joints hold our bones together. Without them, we would be helpless to move about and function normally. Calcium is essential for maintaining strong bones. It also helps prevent osteoporosis or bone loss, which takes its toll when the bone around a joint begins to crack or deteriorate. Get plenty of calcium, and cut back on nicotine and caffeine, which are both believed to interfere with calcium absorption. Exercise at least three times a week to support healthy joints & bones (walking is excellent). Our best-selling, PN Triple Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM combination beats the competition in potency, convenience, and price. There is no longer any need to buy individual products because your favorite brand simply does contain enough of each ingredient per serving.
Men have health and well-being issues that are far different than women. Nature has so much to offer men plagued by such physical problems as prostate inflammation, impotence, and infertility. Weight is often a major problem. It is now estimated that one out of five men will have a heart attack by age 60, and their excess pounds, poor eating habits, stress (often caused by too much work and lack of sleep), and lack of exercise are all contributing factors.

Mother's Day is around the corner. But do you know what Moms really want this Mother's Day?

When asked “What are the top 3 things you’d like for Mother’s Day?” Here’s what the moms said:

- 53% – in-person visit
- 47% – phone call
- 33% – card in the mail
- 19% – nothing
- 14% – flowers or candy
- 8% – email
- 7% – video chat
- 7% – technology gift
- 6% – e-card
- 6% – non-technology gift

So if you love your mom, visit her....and bring our gifts along.

PNFLEX brand is a brand extension of PrincipleNutrition specially formulated for JOINT BONE and MUSCLE health. Relieving pain and inflammation of the joints and muscle cramps/aches as well as in assisting to build bone health.

PNFlex is ideal for people living a sportive, active lifestyle and for people who suffer from conditions affecting the bones, joints or the muscles, including osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

PNKIDS offers a complete range of award-winning health supplements specifically formulated for kids for their nutritional needs. PNKids is ranked as the No.1 Multivitamin brand in Singapore base on Nielsen report and has been awarded “Top Brand” in the kid’s dietary supplement category. All gummy supplements are manufactured only from premium grade ingredients and strictly without artificial colors or preservatives and do not contain gelatine.

To celebrate the International Museum Day, our PNKids Vitamins series are going for just $39.90 for any 2 items. 

Simply pick and choose the vitamins you want and use the discount code 'STRONGKIDS' upon check out and your kids can enjoy the benefits our vitamins provide.

This promotion is only available on this website between 7 May - 18 May!

PNPLUS brand is an brand extension of PrincipleNutrition offering only the best in category formulations with special focus on selected premium raw materials.


  •  Specifically developed for ASEAN countries
Principle Nutrition extended series - PNVita. I trust my vitamins!

PRINCIPLENUTRITION offers high-quality health and beauty dietary supplements, made from top grade natural, herbal and organic ingredients. All products originate from the USA and are manufactured under strict US FDA GMP guidelines. We offer a complete range of dietary supplements, from your daily essentials to specially developed functional formulations! In a variety of health categories, such as. Joints, bones & muscle health, heart, and cardiovascular health, eye and vision support, antioxidant, men’s health, women’s health, senior’s health, B vitamins, herbal products, digestive & detox support and mental alertness and stress support.

Available in small and jumbo bottles.

SLIMSPA offers a complete range of safe and effective “over the counter” slimming products using the latest available effective ingredients for their formulations. All the products are manufactured in the USA under strict US FDA GMP standards.

SLIMSPA is committed to educating customers to assist in weight loss, offering a wide range of choices in formulations and applications. Such as Oral supplements for different gender, teas, topicals, drinks and slimming devices.

Our range of soft, comfortable and silky HELLO KITTY Softex pads will leave you comfy all day long! Designed with SILKTOUCH® Surface Technology, its bicomponent fiber promotes a silky surface - soft to the touch.


It is important for women to have key essential nutrients needed for their daily life. As several factors will affect a woman’s nutrition needs which include pregnancy, menstruation, breast-feeding and menopause. With a well-balance diet usually will meet a woman’s nutrients need, but there are several key nutrients woman will need to pay more attention are calcium, iron, vitamin D, folic acid, sodium, evening primrose oil and essential fatty acid.

X-Diet offers the latest in slimming technology special formulated for generation Y. Only proven, all natural premium ingredients are used in our formulations, to ensure fast and lasting results.